My story and my on-line learning experience with SNHU

In only a few weeks I will finish my educational journey I have started in 2011 with my MBA at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).

My family and my friends know very well about my ups and downs during the past two years; there were good times and harder times, but I am getting there and I am very excited about it. I am taking my last on-line course in Social Media Campaigns with Dr. Jessica Rogers.
One of my course’s assignment was to create a video and to show how on-line learning with SNHU fit my life. I have not been 100% on-line learner: most courses I had where either face-to-face or hybrid, but my last three classes in my Social Media Marketing concentration where completely on-line. Though I missed the live lectures and the interaction in class with my peers, I also enjoyed the flexibility on-line classes offers to participate wherever you are, provided you have a reliable internet connection and a lot of discipline.

The amount of weekly assignments, discussion boards, presentations, papers, group activities, etc. are overwhelming and need to be planned ahead of time. I usually start reading the weekly module assignment first and go through all graded items that are due for the module one day at a time. The sooner you start the better, as you may need some more clarification from your instructor.

Another suggestion is to create a study area in your home to keep everything handy in one space with little distractions. You may consider also on optional feet warmer, like my 69 pounds black Lab to stay warm and focused during the cold winters in New England.

And now here to my video assignment for my MKT666 class at Southern New Hampshire University. I hope you enjoy it.

I am happy also to read on my Twitter feed today, that SNHU has been awarded as the first on-line college by Superscholar “Smart Choice” College ranking and as the second best on-line MBA program

Did you have any experience with on-line learning? How did it fit with your life?


4 thoughts on “My story and my on-line learning experience with SNHU

  1. Congratulations, Linda! You created a new life in a new land – I am so impressed by all you have accomplished! Love to your whole fabulous family, and I hope to see you in Maine some day – Andrea

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