Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

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For this week’s Photo Challenge I had a hard time to find the suitable picture; and once I figured out which one had to be featured, I had an even harder time to retrieve it on the right SD card, but eventually I found it.
I chose a set of pictures I have taken last summer in Torino in Italy, where I lived and worked for many years. Torino is in the northwestern Italian region Piemonte, close to the Alps, which hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 2006 and where the Italian automotive Industry was founded.

The shot was taken from a hill called Monte dei Cappuccini with a view on the urban setting and Torino’s landmark the Mole Antonelliana, which now hosts the National Museum of Cinematography. I love this shot, because it was done on one of those very rare days where the sky was clear and the mountains topped with snow were visible, even in a hot summer day in July!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

  1. Not a contrast near and far picture but not bad I think.
    I think there is too much tree on the second picture.
    Nice work nevertheless.

    Torino huh? Wish I can go there sometime… Seems like beautiful place.

    • Definitely too many trees…but with a mountain view (they are about 100 miles far away). You can see them even when you walk downtown in Torino, and they make such a nice urban summer vs. rocky white mountain contrast which you happen to see when you are lucky! Torino is definitely worth the trip!

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