Movylo Shop: The future of mobile commerce is self-service

In this week’s post I will present a new mobile commerce platform, the first of its kind being self-service and easy to set up, helping businesses to jump on the mobile commerce bandwagon very quickly. This time I will take the perspective of a retail business looking for a technological platform which enables it to sell products  or to launch promotions on its own mobile store.

The mobile commerce industry is growing at a very fast pace. This goes hand in hand with the high diffusion of mobile (smartphones and tablets) devices, which by 2020 will represent the main access to the internet at a global level.

According to e-Marketer’s US Digital Media Usage Report in 2012 the mobile industry in the US will increase at a double-digit rate. The key data retrieved on Hubspot’s Blog (based on eMarketer’s survey) are:

  • “Mobile internet users will reach 113.9 million in 2012, up 17.1% from 97.3 million in 2011
  • Smartphone users will reach 106.7 million in 2012, up 18.4% from 2011
  • Mobile shoppers will reach 72.8 million in 2012
  • Tablet users will reach 54.8 million in 2012, up 62.8% from 33.7 million in 2011”

(Read more on:

Mashable’s recent article displays also a nice Infographic  showing that “More shoppers are going mobile; New York drives most iPad traffic.” Undoubtedly, the future of e-commerce speaks mobile, and retail businesses with a traditional e-commerce website have to learn this new language, which will help them to boost sales via the mobile channel.

Movylo Shop, a global success story

Movylo Shop is an Italian startup born in 2010 as a spin-off of Dynamic Fun, leader in mobile and digital solutions, founded in Torino Italy in 2002 by CEO Stefano Colonna.

Movylo Shop’s mission is: “Movylo Shop has only one mission: to help merchants to make money from mobile. Creating an appealing mobile store is a challenge. We solve this for merchants by providing powerful yet simple mobile commerce solutions.”

Movylo Shop is the first self-service and web-based platform, which does not require any programming skills, used by any size merchants and retailers to create their own mobile stores with instant deals, promotions and special offers, within minutes. Even businesses without an own e-commerce website can create a mobile store, an iPhone/ iPad or Android optimized application.

Movylo Shop’s goal is to answer merchants’ and retailers’ following question: “How do I engage my customers via mobile and/or how do I find new customers with mobile?”

How does Movylo Shop work?

Thanks to a couple of tutorials available on, the business user can understand easily how to create a mobile store and how to create a promotion/deal.

The mobile store is easy to set up thanks to a store building wizard. The application is available here.

First of all the business customers needs to register its new mobile store. No credit card information will be required at registration as Movylo Shop offers a 30 days free trial.

In the following steps the retail business user can:

  • Add products, description, prices, inventory; a file with a product list can be uploaded, too;
  • Choose your mobile store “look and feel”, upload company logo, etc.;
  • Choose billing method from credit card, to Paypal or even cash, if store pick up is available;
  • Choose store settings about shipping, return policies, tax information, store locator, terms of use, privacy, etc. ;
  • Choose your marketing platform: from single product promotion, to the deal of the day, special discounts, time limited offers, last pieces in stock, new arrival deals, etc. ;
  • Choose your promotion delivery method: by SMS, e-mail, QR codes, or URL creator, Facebook and Twitter;
  • Select the target audience and upload contacts;

Finally, the business customer can launch its mobile store and the deals, and subsequently analyze sales data.

Usability, Openness and Integration are the keys to business success

Movylo Shop rests on two important concepts:

1. Usability is the primary goal of the interface, to encourage even non IT literate users to create their own mobile shop;

2. Openness of the code favors third party developers in building other apps, thus adding functionalities to the basic application.

In a world where integration with other business applications such as e-mail, contacts, CRM and ERP is important, an open architecture is fundamental.

Last but not least, these key elements are important to provide value added services to Movylo Shop business customers, and help them, “increase online sales conversion, consumer visits to physical stores, brand awareness and revenue growth by leveraging the rapidly growing channel of mobile commerce and marketing. “ (,  2012)

Do you own a retail business? Would you like to launch a fundraiser for a local charity or for the PTA? Have you ever thought going “mobile”?


References are available on this page

6 thoughts on “Movylo Shop: The future of mobile commerce is self-service

  1. This appears to be a great tool that makes it easier for companies to start their mobile store. Something like this is what many need when they do not know how to get started with the process of starting their mobile shop.
    Great Blog!

    • Thank you, Ivan. You are right, the strength of this tool is tool is given by it’s ease of use for businesses to set up their own mobile store without having to incur in expensive software development costs. Usually we look at apps as consumers and forget to look at them from the business perspective and the challenge from the technological point of view they face.

      Thank you, Linda

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