Social Media: Trends and Tools beyond Social Networking!

Welcome to my first blog post!

In my Social Media Open Kitchen blog I will share some facts and opinions on Social Media and how at 40 years of age can one make sense of all this. Because chances are: either you are my age or older, or hopefully you’ll get here.

Like most in their 40s I took the occasion of the relocation (to Maine) to think about my future. Would I still want to work on SAP?  Keep going with Marketing? Eventually get a chance to apply what learned at University in Statistics?

I realized that making use of my past experiences, the MBA in Social Media Marketing at SNHU would support my future steps. So here is a 40 years old’s take of Social Media: hope you can participate in fostering our learning.

Social Media is about networking and relationships, entertainment and exchange of information. With more than over 1 Billion of users worldwide (Techcrunch, 2012), Social Media is a global and social phenomenon any longer, but it is also conquering the economic and political spheres. Social Media have utterly transformed the way business connect with each other and communicate with customers, and my MBA concentration is focusing also on this transformation, its impact, and how businesses and individuals have to approach the new media and its relationships.

Crowded social media landscape

During my research for my first post, I was overwhelmed about how crowded social media landscape is, with few like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ still taking the lead. I was impressed on how fast these technologies are changing, too, and realized that individual and business users are confronted daily with new tech slang and trends. I came up with the following Social Media trends (and some of its tools) I would like to share with you:

  • Social Media content curation and publishing” ;
  • Social Media monitoring and measurement”;
  • “Social online influence” or “Social scoring”.

A trend on the rise is “social media content curation and publishing” which deals with helping writers to create engaging content by filtering, editing and publishing new contents based on available online resources. For example, is a microblogging platform and a social media content curator focused on brand communication. Percolate helps Communication Managers to keep their companies’ online audience engaged by pushing frequently contents on the social media platforms. Important accounts like GE, American Express and IBM are using Percolate. is another interesting social curation tool, for social storytelling and journalism. Journalist and bloggers can use Storify to create new stories by curating social media content (tweets, status updates, blog posts, etc.), assembling the selected elements and publishing them into one new article. Washington Post is using Storify to gather and organize information from social media contents.

Did you know that also is considered a social curation tool? The big difference is that the content sharing features are based on images collected on a visual pinboard interface. Pinterest members can create online pinboards by uploading images and media contents (pins), grouped into categories. Pins can be shared and repinned, increasing the pins reach to a larger audience. Today, Pinterest has reached an average of 1.4 million daily users becoming the third social network (above LinkedIn), and Pinterest referrals are more like to generate sales than Facebook referrals.

As we know 1 Billion users on the social media sphere generate a high traffic of information which needs to be monitored and measured. Tools like, analyzes the impact of conversations (tweets) on Twitter in real time, very important for social media campaigns and brand monitoring, even for political campaigns. has a broader range of features: it is a social media dashboard which supports multiple social profiles, message scheduling and social media traffic monitoring and analysis. It has been mentioned on Forbes as one the best 10 digital tools for businesses in 2012.

I haven’t started to use, or, yet, but I will as I believe they are excellent tools for bloggers, too.

Recently I have started to use, a social scoring tool; it measures social online influence of an individual or business on a scale from 1 to 100 on three dimensions, as True Reach, Amplification, and Network Impact. Klout’s ranking relies on semantic analysis algorithms to calculate individual’s social influence on specific topics based on its activities on the main social media platforms. Klout is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google+; once you set up your account, it will determine the scores on a daily basis. It seems also that HR managers have started to evaluate klout scores in the job application process, especially if you are applying for Social Media Marketing positions. What are you waiting for to join the klout?

Are you ready to experiment in the Social Media Open Kitchen?

Do you have any recipes to share?

References are available on this page


12 thoughts on “Social Media: Trends and Tools beyond Social Networking!

  1. Love the point of view and will be interested in reading other posts. Looking at this from your age is a wonderful thing as I cannot relate to most of it, I can with my parents and bringing social media into their lives. I dont know of many of these social media tools but they all are ones that I want to read more about.

    • I have heard that the fourties are the new thirties…and I believe it is true. It is never too late to start new experiences.
      Among the tools I have mentioned you should definitely try Pinterest and Klout, they are fast and easy to set up and to understand. I have started to use Twitter only a few months ago, and I love it, and Instagram very recently (have you checked my Instagram pics? Do you recognize the places?)
      The next ones I will try are storify and HootSuite for sure.

      Greetings from Rome!

    • Thank you, it was taken last November in NYC. I was there with some friends for a very special occasion…my 40th! It was crowded, but I loved it, so much to to do and so much to see. ALso in the Social Media sphere there is so much more to explore; thank you for the hint, I will check Sprout Social out!

  2. Linda, Great post! I’ve never heard of Klout before. Do you think that HR managers or those in charge of hiring will one day use this scoring tool to choose applicants for a job? Kind if like doing a background check on someone. If you apply for a SM position then they use Klout to judge your influence??

    • Thank you! I have started to use klout recently and I got a decent score, too. The wired article mentions the potential use of klout during the hiring process for SM positions, it is almost like “googling” the applicant’s name to see if there any news about him/her. I don’t think that a high klout score alone is sufficient to evaluate the online influcene, it needs to be integrated with more traditional information and interviews, too.
      In the wired article you will find some interesting VIP klout scores…e.g. Justin Bieber’s score is 100!

  3. Hi Linda. Great start to the blog. I used to use hootsuite more, but I find my engagement goes down using 3rd party tools. The fact that Facebook now allows you to schedule posts onto your page is huge. Klout is interesting, but a lot of people question their algorithm.

    I’m always experimenting on social media. It’s always changing! To curate content for my blog, I use Google Alerts for topics I write about most often. I also use Facebook and Twitter. The beauty of social media is that the content comes to me. I rarely have to find it!

    • Thank you, Jen, for your very interesting feedback. I have recently started to use Twitter and I love it how the news come to me, as you wrote. It is so much more fun to discover news and curiosities from around the world, just by scrolling the news feed.

  4. Linda sei grande! Ho letto tutto il tuo post … Troppo interessante! Sei in un’altra dimensione. Anch’io dall’ alto dei miei over 40s cerco di stare al passo ma barcollo molto. Leggo i tweed tutti i giorni ma ancora non partecipo attivamente e non riesco a trovare la giusta collocazione per i miei pensieri. Ti seguirò sempre ed ovunque…. Sei la mia musa!

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